The 5-Day Warrior Identity Class

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Double your Networth in 5 Days

The 21 Min Warrior Routine Smart Men use to Finally Get Paid their Worth & Get the Recognition they Deserve

Unleash your Inner Power, Kill Procrastination and Become Rapid Action Taker without using Willpower

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Starts Tuesday 7 PM

By Yogesh Singh. TEDx Speaker and India's First  "Warrior Identity" Coach

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Unfair Advantage To Building the Life of your Dreams

If you’re like most people, you’d have a dream to have a six or seven figure income, startup, switch jobs or careers or simply express yourself.

However, the process for how to get there has always been a little elusive or out of reach.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve discovered, developed and pioneered an incredibly unique and simple 21 Minute Routine for how to align your Identity and Money goals and accelerate your path to building wealth, success and authentic happiness.

I’ve shared this method with more then 5000 people from 70 cities 

Based on Neuroscience The 5-Day Warrior Identity Class is the final destination for every person who’s had enough of low energy mornings, feeling lost and worthless to create the life you truly deserve.

Join the Challenge to Discover how to

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Typical Results...

Experience New Inner Confidence and Energy to Achieve your Worthy Goals Effortlessly

Kill Procrastination forever and become Insanely Productive in your Work

Create Unlimited Time and Crush you Long Pending Goals.

Plan your Day in Just 5 Minutes 

Set Goals That Excites you and Achieve Them Effortlessly.

Kick Start your Day at 5 AM and Take Charge of Your Life.

When You Join The Challenge you can Stop. 


You wake up foggy and unfocussed, and you feel like it’s a struggle to get up in the morning to launch into your daily routine.


Even though you usually get almost everything done, you’re often left feeling like there’s no end to the constant struggle.


Having big goals still excites you, but seems so far away, and sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever get there.


You see other people living their best life, but you can’t seem to get out of this cycle of Procrastination and low Energy.


Sometime you wonder what is the Purpose of my Life and feel Lost.

What our Attendees Say?

"All the Confusions of my Life were solved"
"Helpful to take my life to the next level"
"Earlier I was not dedicated towards my Goals"
"Found Friends for Life in this Community"

What you will learn in 5 days?

Day 1

 How does your unconscious Identity triangle influence your life, career and income levels?

Day 2

How to immediately become conscious of your Identity and how to fix it in a weeks time.

Day 3

 How to tap into your Best Version and Put your life into fast gear from Thinker to a Rapid Action Taker?

Day 4

Learn the Art of Planning your Day in 5 Minutes and create Super Productive Day to live your Dream Life? 

Day 5

How to Implement the Powerful Money secrets of Millionaires to become super Achiever in the next 30 Days with Proven Action Plans and Templates?

3 Bonuses

Register before the end of the day to Unlock bonuses worth more then Rs. 13,196/-

5 Day Challenge

5-Day Warrior Identity Class Worth 599 Only RS 99

Bonus #1

Powerful Energy Management Template Worth RS 5999 FREE

Bonus #2

Best Selling eBook "The Limitless You" Worth 599 FREE

Bonus #3

5 Minute Planner Template Worth 5999 FREE

Meet Your Mentor

Yogesh Singh, Founder of One Percent Genius Hub

TEDx Speaker and Engineer turned Author 

Author of the Best Selling Book "The Limitless YOU"

He spent more than 16 years working with MNC employers and learnt that pleasing your boss and being good at your job doesn't guarantee you authentic success in life.

He realised that becoming the best version of yourself is the only education one needs to succeed.  He quit his well paying job and now help thousands of people discover their true selves!

Over the past 4 years, he has trained more than 5000 Working Professionals, entrepreneurs, engineers coaches, and students about how to achieve success through self-discovery and attaining limitless potential. 


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Your plan to become Your Best Version

Step 1- Join the Workshop
Get Access to 5 Live ZOOM sessions and Proven Templates, Meditation and Visualisation Technique for a small fee

Step 2- Implement What you Learn
           Create your Warrior Version using simple 21 Minute Warrior routine 

Step 3- Double your Networth
Finish the Lessons and Complete the Tasks, achieve the success you Deserve

Frequently Asked Questions

What time will the workshop start?

7:00 PM Tuesday to Saturday. Each Session is of Approx 90 Minutes

Who is this Challenge for?

This Challenge is for Beginners.  The bootcamp is for anyone Struggling to get rid of laziness and want to become the BEST.

Why should I join your workshop?

According to Science Picking habits New success habit is not easy when done alone. When you do it in groups its becomes a game.

What will be the mode of the workshop?

It will be Live with me on Zoom.

When will I get the Zoom link and will I be provided the recording of the session.

You need to join the Whatsapp Group after you make the payment. Zoom link will be provided in the Whatsapp Group prior to the workshop. We prefer you Join the workshop LIVE for better learning experience but if unable to join for some reason we will provide the recording.

Can I use Mobile Phone or Laptop/Desktop is must?

Yes, You can join via Mobile phone. However we recommend Joining via Laptop/Desktop for better experience.

Can join along with my Family/Kids?

Yes, You can join with your Child, Wife or other family members. 

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Join the Workshop Now Before They're All Gone...

You can see, right now, you're getting this 5-Day Challenge together with bonuses worth Rs.13,196 (only if you register today) for Just Rs 99/ which is less than what you would pay for a Pizza.

STARTS Tuesday 19th October, 7 PM


(Price is going to Revert to its Original Price of Rs 599 after timer Hits 0)

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